(Not) Lyn Gardners Tips for the Fringe

Hello Weirdos! As you possibly / definitely / might know for the past 6 years I've posted my own tips for the fringe. OK so they are a little later than usual but obviously everyone is only going up for British Council week so don't pretend to be offended (write a letter to OfCom if you're that bothered). 

Here's my hit list for stuff I can guarantee isn't advertised with an image of a person with a silly hair cut and a microphone, nor will any of them say the words '...is this thing on?' 

Victoria Melody - Hair Peace
Vic is lush and if her last two pieces are anything to go by you'll be in for a informal chat, lots of laughs and she'll make you feel a bit awkward at least once. I love Vic's shows because they are a continuation from where she left off - Hair Peace see's her track down the owner of her extensions, extensions that won her the title of Mrs Brighton in her last tour Major Tom. 

Joe Lycett - Thats the Way A-ha A-ha Joe Lycett
I often find comedians incredibly unfunny, Joe is one of them. LOLZ. The title alone is worth the [can't be bothered to Google the price]. Lycett has the ability to make me laugh in a caravan, at a music festival, covered in mud - no mean feat. Its gag, gag, gag and then the curve ball of something political - its like watching Mark Thomas and Eddie Izzard at the same time, simultaneously. Go see his show, he's on the telly sometimes. 

Shit Theatre - Womens Hour
I first met the Shit's in a Christmas production by Duckie - they were dressed as elves doing quasi-political ditties about the environment. They've gone on to make brilliant shows about job seekers allowance, medical trails and now this. Rumour has it the beeb sent the big boys down who deemed these two little cis-girls doing 'theatre' no threat - dick heads. Suck it up!

Jack Rooke - Good Grief
Disclaimer: I helped Jack a tiny bit in making this show, by which I mean I sat in a room, drank tea with him and we LOL'd at 'Grieving for Dummies'. Jack is a superb artist I'm proud to work with. He's annoyed by poetry, comedy and theatre so has decided to make a poetic, comedic, theatrical show about how we deal with people leaving us. He's getting five star reviews, nuff said.

Miss Behave - Gameshow
Miss Behave has reinvented her self of late - she used to be that bird who swallowed swords, now she's revealed the activist, child-friendly (occasionally), on your feet, get your phone out, lets make something from nothing side to her ...and she still swallows shit. I love Miss Behave, she's brave. Harriet (Harry Clayton-Wright) is her Debbie McGee in this show and she does a mean Sia. Do it.

Bryony Kimmings & Tim Grayburn - Fake it til you Make it
If you've never heard me talk about Bryony (my onstage beard), then you clearly have never paid attention. Bry is the only person I ever get jealous of, in that jealous-supportive-you're-brilliant way - OK her and Grayson Perry. She makes incredibly important work about the shit that gets in the way. I love her and her offstage beard Tim, whose subtly and humanness works well against Bry's brash and in your face activism. This project is special - its sold out BUT theres a super show you can grab tickets for - HURRY!

Le Gateau Chocolat - Black
For a while we've threatened to make a late night Edinburgh show called 'Ebony & Ivory' - I think 2016 is our year. Black sees Gateau reveal his inner darkness, his outer fabulousness and his sensitivity that travels all the way through. She needs no introduction - fight for a ticket.

Ofcourse I'm going to tell you to come to my things...

Hunt & Darton Cafe | Scottee's Social
I've been working with H&D for sometime now and after many glasses of cheap wine in regional social clubs we decided to extend the opening hours of the cafe and transform it into Scottee's Social each night. By day there is roast dinner sandwiches, table side performance and cheap tea - by night there is crisp platters, turns and curated cocktails. 

Party Piece
Never one for being complacent - doing a trick, telling a story and pulling something out of the bag I've opted to make a show that has nothing in it. Basically the doors get locked and the audience are left to entertain each other for 70mins. One reviewer at a preview of this project said 'at first I though it was going to be lazy cabaret - its was much more!'. Thursday and Friday performances have sold out! 20 tickets left for Saturday!  

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