This morning after a routine fire inspection from a fireman (who wasn't called Sam) we were told the building hosting Hunt & Darton Cafe | Scottee's Social was to be closed! 

Not ones for making life easy, crying or giving in too easily we've come up with a back up plan that is fun, possibly amazing and really exciting...

Tonight (21st Aug) | 8pm - 10pm - Scottee's Social
Scottee's Social will be held in my bedroom in the Meadows. We have space for 15 people - all of whom will be served veggie sausage sandwiches and beer soaked nuts! Guest turns from Jayde Adams, Sami Knight, Hunt & Darton, Jon Pointing and myself! RSVP molly@scottee.co.uk to reveal the address! 

Saturday 22nd Aug | 5pm - 7pm - Come Dine with us!
A dinner party with table side performances. £15 donation per head for a three course meal, nibbles, welcoming bubbles and a side order of scoring cards! RSVP molly@scottee.co.uk

We're really pulling this out the bag with no posters, flyers, marketing or budget! We need your help in spreading the word and we need your bums on a seat to help make it happen! We're throwing everything at this - give us what you can. 

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