Avid readers of this blog will know I've spent a lot of time in St. Helens over the past 12 months. Equidistant between Manchester and Liverpool, St. Helens is a town thats proud of its past - and so it should be! 

After several cups of tea, fish finger sandwiches and conversations about the logistics of a pie barn (yes, a pie in a sandwich) I'm finally super excited to announce TakeOverFest! 

Heart of Glass (a Creative People and Places initiative from Arts Council England) approached me with the brief - what would you do if you could takeover a town for three months? Instead I asked the people of that town what they wanted to see.

TakeOverFest will literally take over the towns disused shops, glass furnaces, minicabs and the adult fiction section of the town library to create a festival of fun. Last night we launched the programme and all events went on sale! Of course to get straight to the hearts of the locals I ordered 84 pies for them to scoff whilst Jayde Adams (our poster girl), Hunt & Darton and I gave everyone a taste of what the festival has in store - not to mention St. Helens' arts officers genius ode to Cilla! 

 I really hope you're able to pop up, over or down from wherever you are and enjoy the inaugural TakeOverFest - those in Liverpool and Manchester have no excuse - its 20mins by train and costs less than a fiver! 

Check out the lush programme designed by Alexander Innes...

All info, tickets and gossip here - http://www.heartofglass.org.uk/whats-on/?cat=takeoverfest

How you can get involved

We Need Wool! Local elders will be knitting a hangout in the centre of town - we need wool!
We're also looking for volunteers to make brews, hand out flyers, usher events and help elders etc! Email us!

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