Weirdos! I'm back in Japan and thought I'd give you a mega catch up!

If you follow me on instagram you'll know why I love it here - I get called kawaii all the time, nobody cares if you look a bit strange, everyone is super friendly and the Japanese love a cake!

I'm here on residency with Forest Fringe and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art -  sort of like the Tate Modern of Japan. I'm here with some other trouble makers you might know as Action Hero, Nic Green and Ira Brand. Our job is to create a project that'll be performed here in October and engages with the local audience.

Over the past 12 days I've been developing an idea around the westernisation of Japanese women and their thoughts on women's equality in Japan. I'm super excited about this project and pleased to be making something meaty here. I think its going to be named after the Japanese phrase 'deru kugi wa utareru'  which translates as 'the nail that sticks out shall be hammered down'. 

Since arriving we've done lots of workshops on traditional Japanese art forms, from noh to butoh, tea ceremony to incense ceremony - it's been a brilliant couple of weeks of learning the importance of these art forms and think how they might affect the work we make. I also had a bit of a spiritual experience at the local hot spring but you can read about that on i-D next week! 

I really love making international work and grateful that over the past two years I've been able to perform across Australia, Asia, America and Europe! Next year I am making my first show in America - super excited for that!

At the Edinburgh Fringe this year I'll be presenting a new performance experiment with Forest Fringe (details of this land soon), I'm part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase pitching sessions - sharing my work with international delegates as well as running a collaborative installation with Hunt & Darton. To make our not-for-profit-artist-run-boozy-performance-space we're looking for £3k - you can find more info on that campaign here - 

Next month Grandad's gallery show travels to Brighton... https://www.facebook.com/events/1612390162344256/

At the end of the Summer I'll be running some performance making workshops...

2nd July - I'll be performing with Frisky & Mannish for the first time! We're performing a song about privilege that'll make its way to the internet shortly after their Cabariot show - http://www.londonwonderground.co.uk/whats-on/cabariot

My first children's installation is debuting in London with the Yard at the end of July - 

I also have projects coming up in Margate, Colchester, Romford, Stratford and Manchester as well as turns at Glastonbury, Wilderness, Latitude and Bestival, we're putting the final touches to a mini-Xmas tour of Camp and Camp NYE should be scrawled across your diaries now we're half way through the year! Evidently I'm trying to get around as much of the UK as possible!

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Laters. x

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