No Need to Shout - We've only just begun!

Thank you to the 220 odd people who made it down to Grandad's debut show over four days last week! Shout out to the 72 people made it down the private view and the 19 elders who attended the elders private view - it was a major success that saw people cry, laugh and sip strong tea.

Grandad was able to attend the elders private view after being discharged from hospital just hours before hand - he gave an amazing introduction to his pieces and had everyone in tears by the time he left.

The project was featured on Vice, Time OutIndependent and BBC London meaning our message was able to reach beyond the four walls of our gallery space. We're both so chuffed that this project has been given us a national platform to discuss ageism - but we've only just begun...

We will be campaigning Tate to lower their upper age limit for Turner Prize. You can help us by tweeting:

., pls reconsider the upper age limit for so older emerging artists like can be considered

We are trying to get Tate to meet Grandad - we'll let you know how that goes. In July we'll be taking No Need to Shout on the road - first stop Brighton (Do you want it in your local gallery? Email molly@scottee.co.uk)

We are going to be publishing a zine in September - this will be a 'how to' guide illustrated by Grandad encouraging other artists to grab their older person and make some activist art. 

Our most ambitious plan is to create a regular arts group for elders in London and produce more gallery shows like Grandad's! To do all of this we need to find some money - got any? And a photocopier that we don't have to pay for!

To keep up to date with Grandad's progress check out his website http://realliamgallagher.co.uk or follow him on twitter http://twitter.com/RealLGallagher

Thank to everyone for their support on this project including everyone who donated to our crowd funder to help make this project happen! Special thanks to the Awesome Foundation, Tony & Jane Elliot, James Cronin & Simon Pearson and Julian Ganio, Scottee’s parents and in laws for their contributions to the project, Hunt & Darton for their incredible cafe collaboration, James Unsworth for his curatorial skills, Molly Nicholson, Jess du Preez and Holly Revell for putting up with me! Plus extra special thanks to Camden Council for letting us use one of their empty shops!

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