My Top 5 Black Lace Records

If I found myself on Mastermind and was pushed for a specialised subject I'd either go for The Complete Works of The League of Gentlemen or The Life, Times and Associated Dance Routines of Black Lace.

I first came across the work of 80's pop act Black Lace when I was 18 months old. My Dad took Mum and I to Majorca with the money he got for leaving the army. One of my earliest memories is dancing to one of their records whilst sipping cola from a bottle - tres council, kid.

Here's a few personal highlights from the back catalogue of Mr Agadoo before his live show at Camp on NYE!

5. Hokey Cokey
This is the record I was dancing to in Majorca! Apparently, soon after I shit myself (I was only 2!)

4. Agadoo 
Everyone has heard this song in their lifetime! It a karaoke favourite of mine! Ag-a-do-do-do! 

3. Superman
Possibly the best dance routine EVER! Please brush up on it for NYE!

2. Conga
At last years CAMP NYE, Felicity Hayward did the conga with 500 people! The fat lady in this music video is my favourite person of all time...

1. Gang Bang
Not only is this in one of my favourite films of all time 'Rita, Sue and Bob too', it's also rather blue, has the best dance routine and stars her from Goodnight Sweetheart - making this my favourite Black Lace song of all time, ever!

There are only 120 tickets left for Camp NYE! Advance booking is advised! See you on the dance floor for a bit of conga action!


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