It's time for a new year catch up! 

I'm currently in my attic room at my parents home in Southend on Sea. Each year I spend the first two weeks of January locked up here thinking of all the projects I want to do. I sit staring at my dead Nan's bronze silver plated stag looking for answers.

Weirdly its the time I feel most productive and most unaccomplished, the potential of what could happen becomes over whelming but the ideas need to vomit out. Welcome to January blues people.

I have however, made a resolution - this year I'm stretching my legs and leaving London... a lot more.

The Worst of Scottee: I have three very special showings of WOS at Perth World Festival next month (http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/1db75d91-22cb-4915-b84d-74fbdb61caa5/). Whilst I am in town I will be performing at Horse Meat Disco (http://www.connectionsnightclub.com/whats-on/) and putting on a very special variety show with the cream of Perth World Festival! Stay tuned!

Asia: on my way back from Oz I'll be hitting Asia for the first time - I can't wait. I'll be visiting Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo! During my time there I'll be presenting a series of podcasts for a new platform (oh!), writing for Vice and performing at Tokyo's premier LGBT party fancyHIM! 

Grandad: a few blips in his health meant we've had to stop the project for a while. Grandad was discharged from hospital last Friday and is recovering well. We are looking for spaces at the moment for Grandad to open his own gallery! More on that ASAP!  

Scottee inc.: we're planning our next big production at the end of the year, we're currently fundraising for it - anyone got a spare £30k? It's going to be a killer project.

Fraff: continues to go from strength to strength! If you haven't been to see it do pop down! We are putting on shows every month from March at Rich Mix! Keep up with Fraff news at http://facebook.com/fraffing

What else? I'm making a new show in New York, making and airing my first documentary for Radio 4, starting work on my final Roundhouse show before I hand over my associate hat, UK tour of Camp and more...

Get involved!

This year I am making various new projects - none of which are listed above! SURPRISE TIME! Some are small, some are mammoth, some are really silly!

Kent: Do you consider yourself lucky? Have you ever won big on the Lottery? Always finding money? 

London: Fancy yourself as a poet? Have you got a shit limerick you want to share?

St Helen's / Liverpool / Manchester: Are you doing arty stuff in these areas? Do you want to do arty stuff in these areas but don't have any space? Do you want to get involved in arty stuff? Have you done anything a bit cringe worthy that you'd like to share with an audience?

Edinburgh: Are you going to the fringe? Do you live locally? If yes, can you cry milk, skip with your arms, do the periodic table song or something equally as weird?

UK wide: Got an exciting project / book / show / shop / other you'd like to hear on the radio?

Get involved! Send us an email at getinvolved(@)scottee.co.uk 

Whatever 2015 turns into I hope its full of adventure! Thanks for allowing me the airtime / space / stage to show off my ideas about the world!

See you soon? x

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