In the summer of 2012 I debuted Camp at the Roundhouse as part of Circus Fest - it was my first show there since I was 15! I knew I wanted to create something my Mum could watch with her mates, surrounded by trendy lesbians, locals and those old enough to remember the 70's.

I dreamt up Camp on the bus. It was my coming out project, I wanted to expose my love for slightly naff, working class, knees up turns of yesteryear's variety circuit. 

I chose my very favourite performers from both the live art, variety and comedy world that I thought were/are pushing things forward and waited in the wings of the Roundhouse studio theatre.

Since then Camp has gone from strength to strength - we've done two seasons at Roundhouse, taken over my local tenants hall for a Christmas run, got 500 people to do the conga for a special NYE show, performed at every Bestival since and curated the opening party for MayFest!

Camp is my baby and I love it - I think it's like going to a local pub, drinking cheap booze with your friends whilst a fat Liberace look-a-like insults you with a smile. There's room for experimentation with a small e, the turns are fab and everyone ends up dancing or snogging each other! 

In a few weeks I take over the main house at Roundhouse. I've been given the chance to prove I've got what it takes to play with the big boys upstairs.

I've got 100's of bums on seats to flog and I need your help to spread the word. We're going from 120 seater to a 500+ seater! SCREAM! 

Please buy a ticket, tell a friend, do a tweet, put it on your wall - anything will really help us make Camp's explosion louder. I promise you a f**king brilliant show with a live band, some nice surprises and a raffle!

Camp is growing and I want you to come along for the ride! Hope to see you on the 9th, stay after for a shandy!

To get your juices going I've collected some of my favourite turns below. Enjoy!

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