My ego sometimes likes to believe that the internet cares terribly that I haven't updated my blog #FirstWorldProblems. 

There is lots of stuff going on, some of which belongs to you or you have paid for so it's only right I give you the lowdown.

The Worst of Scottee
It's back! That fucking show will be the death of me but because so many of you asked so nicely I'm doing a farewell UK tour and a second run in Melbourne. Some of these dates are on sale already and eager marketing people want me to tell you about them.

Manchester - http://contactmcr.com/whats-on/24693-the-worst-of-scottee/
London -  http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2014/the-worst-of-scottee-2/
Melbourne - http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/the-worst-of-scottee/
Belfast and Colchester to follow

Liam Gallagher is my Grandad
Grandad has had a bit of a health blip recently so we are slightly behind on making work. We are also waiting to hear if some telly people are going to put it on the telly. Merch has been ordered and we're waiting for t shirts, badges and prints to land in the next few weeks!

You can check his progress on http://realliamgallagher.co.uk

We're back on our favourite island with our favourite friends at Bestival. Of course it would be all too easy to just rock up with a backing CD and knock out a few numbers! This year we have 4 special offerings!

Camp - Fri/Sat Night - http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/scottees-camp
Drag - Fri/Sat Night - http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/drag
Clich√© - Thursday Night - http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/cliche
Roundhouse Youth Show - http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/variety-variety

Kitchen Sink Drama
IdeasTap and I are looking for new writers who want to bypass posting their scripts to theatres and programmers and instead present their text in the homes of leading theatre producers and artistic directors. We’re looking for innovative texts that can work in people’s kitchens, living rooms, or even toilets. The program is open to anyone under 30. 

Apply within - http://www.ideastap.com/Opportunities/Brief/Kitchen-Sink-Drama-010914#Overview

My variety baby is making it's main house debut at Roundhouse this Saturday. We have a live band, a group of pensioners singing Queen, a drag queen from up north, a country and western singer, a raffle and I've had a few more sequin looks made! Bona! Really hope you are able to make it down - I'm desperate for it to sell out so we can do more main house showing off! Lets queer up main houses - it's about time we left the sidelines of studio theatres!

60 tickets available - do your worst! http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2014/summer-sessions/camp-live/

In the words of a wise MC....Romeo done. 

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