Grandad Update

Thank you so much for funding Grandad's project! I'm pleased to say we met our target with just hours to go! Since the WeFund finished last month we've had to take a bit of a breather. Grandad's doctors have found some cancer cells and so he's been having lots of tests that make him tired. 

Nevertheless we've started work on his art career! Grandad kick started his practice on Friday last week by designing a t-shirt, badges and a poster! He also hosted the most genius live Q&A on twitter (@RealLGallagher) and decided he wanted to draw sheep, paint Lady Di, dance to his favourite song and have people visit him for cups of tea (performance art!).

The most exciting news is that we are working with a brilliant BAFTA nominated film maker who will be tracking Grandad's progress to artdom in the name of ageism! 

Over the next few months Grandad is going to be learning skills in drawing, painting, photographic and video work with professional artists. After that we will be tackling the tricky ageism card - a trip to Parliament is planned. 

We aim to produce as much work as possible and have a gallery show towards the end of this year. We are looking for a gallery that will give him his debut show and an art supplier to give us a load of professional pens and posh paper (he's really going through them!).

The few people who have seen his work think its inspired by David Shrigley - who knew?!

You can check some of his works in progress at http://realliamgallagher.co.uk

Thank you again for supporting him, he's really chuffed! 

Scottee. x 

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