Since time began I've had a show / club / thing to plug and waffle about but since the finale of Hamburger Queen I have been project-less. My work-ethic demon sat on my left shoulder is telling me I'm lazy, the angelic artist sat on my (stage) right shoulder is telling me to do a blog.

I've got lots on but none of it you can see yet, I've got to make it but there are ways you can get involved. Treat this blog like a job seekers diary - this is me telling you I'm doing stuff... honest.

Liam Gallagher is my Grandad
We officially start work on this on Friday when we will be joined by a film crew who will document the progress of Grandad's art career. His first task is to create some merch. Grandad will update you regularly using this blog but you can also follow him on Twitter - @RealLGallagher

I'm currently working up a regular spoken word night that launches on 12th September at Rich Mix. I've always been a bit of a closet poet but my dyslexia has held me back from kicking Pam Ayres to the curb. I thought for a long time that not being able to spell or see the words meant I couldn't write words that rhymed. I'm working on some dyslexic poetry that will only make sense to me. I'm looking for people who are not poets but are willing to recite their words in front of drunk people. Get in touch if that is you - info @ scottee. co. uk

I'm spending a lot of time making Camp camper! In August we are taking over the main house of Roundhouse with Camp (Live!) - all your favourite acts with the backing of a live band! Click here for a super secret link so you can get your hands on tickets before the general public do! We'll also be taking prime position at Bestival again this year (http://2014.bestival.net/line-up/artists/scottees-camp) as well as a special appearance at Summer Rites on 26th July. We have an epic NYE knees up planned with a super exciting headline act - early birds are on sale on 1st September! Stay tuned for regional and international appearances of Camp! If you'd like it in your home town drop us a line! 

Scottee inc.
We're just about to celebrate our first year! Holly Revell is currently cutting a video showing you all the things we've got up to. We are starting to prep our next big production that will be at RVT in September 2015 with UK and international dates following that.

Gender Agenda
I'm running a gender performance, week intensive, summer school at Roundhouse this August. If you want to give gender role play a go, learn how to build a character, create a face and short performance then apply. http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/young-creatives/holidays-2014/gender-agenda/

Kitchen Sink Drama
This autumn I'm curating a series of new writing events with IdeasTap. We're looking for new writers who have text based works that could be staged in the homes of arts big wigs. I'm looking for innovative work that play with form. Apply here - http://ideastap.com/Opportunities/Brief/Kitchen-Sink-Drama-010914#Overview

AIDF (Arts Council International Development Fund)
These four letters will only mean anything to you if you applied. I'm one of the lucky 55 artists from round 4 who are able to explore new work / partnerships overseas. I am revisiting Australia in September and October. During my time in Oz I'm going to be meeting local artists, performing 4 shows of Worst of Scottee and a few spots at some cabaret / performance nights and meeting a lot of people about a lot of things. Part of this grant means I'll be documenting my trip on here so you can be really jelz I'm somewhere hot.

and finally... I spent this weekend shooting with the incredible Matthew Brindle! Lots of lovely new press images to follow but heres a snap from Brindle's instagram to whet your whistle!

Thats your lot - If you are not happy with it by all means sit in a gallery and watch Marina Abramovic do nothing. 

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