Liam Gallagher is my Grandad

Today we launch Liam Gallagher is my Grandad, a project that will kick start a new body of work about life over 50. 

I've decided to start with my Grandad, someone I know, trust and an unlikely candidate for the Turner prize. My aim is to teach Grandad art - fine art, performance art, installation work and even pouncy sound art.

I'm doing this because in my work I like to question who or what an artist can be, I'm excited when non-artists show the world their thoughts and ideas - they are not contrived or conscious of the brilliant-ness of their actions. 

I think the most important reason why I'm turning Grandad into an artist is because I want to start a discussion about the visibility of older people. My Grandad is often ignored, pushed past or spoke at loudly. He is seen as past it, void of feelings, emotions, desires or ideas. 

Why am I, a 28 year old so worried about older people? Throughout my teens my Mum worked at Age Concern - I was always rigged into running a raffle, told to tell a story, asked to sing a song or offer to hold a hand. I loved it. Tom Marshman talks beautifully about the affinity gay kids share with old women here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ruUuGytKE

When I started learning about performance I was 15 yrs old. I accidentally volunteered for a radical women's lib company. I learnt my trade with older, powerful, outspoken, queer women. We sipped tea, they shared their wisdom and informed the ideas I have today. 

In 22 years time I will be 50 - I don't want to live in a world where I am ignored. 

I am asking you to take a look at the project, donate if you can, share if you can't and help me make a noise. We will all be old one day.


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