America! Fuck Yeah!

Hiya! I'm back in the UK after an amazing trip to California and Nevada, I was an invited artist of BritWeek which is an annual program of stuff in LA celebrating British culture in America, as well as an expensive excuse for Americans to say '...OMG! I just love your accent'.

During my time in LA I was a part of various meet and greets, Q&A's and swish parties where people told me how much they wanted to be my friend based on the fact I was wearing sequins. Through the pretence of Hollywood I found some amazing individuals and started some conversations about how my work could exist in America.

A TV producer asked me if I could break America, I told her I wasn't there to break it but was there to stare at it. How profound am I?!

I also was interviewed for KPFA by a lovely journalist called Jasmine who had seen three of my previous shows. Fancy. Here I talk a bit more in detail about my trip, my observations of American culture and cheapness...

I then went to Las Vegas for a few days which is an experience that will stay with me forever and one that is really going to inform the future of my variety show Camp. Watch this space.

So I am back! Jet lagged to the eyeballs, a stone heavier and ready to face a summer of new work, new ideas and new costumes! 

This Sunday we're travelling down to the sea side to pitch a new project to funders, programmers and posh people as part of Caravan (Google it if you care that much). Our pitch is slightly different (obvs). We've booked drag diva Dave Lynn to do a 20mins set in our favourite Brighton bender hang out, The Marlborough. It would be lovely if you could come, show your face and clap - it's free and I'm promising plates of chips on every table.

Followers of this blog and the various social media networks I whore myself out on will know I've been trying to make a project with my Grandad for 18 months. After a few slammed doors I'm taking matters into my own hands. We launch the project on Wednesday at 10am. Please scrawl it in your diaries in red biro as we'll need your help, your internet connection and some love to make it happen. 

To kick off Mayfest's season of gorgeousness we're putting on our first regional Camp! It's going to be a posh one at the Bristol Old Vic no less. Fancy. I'm bringing a suitcase of sequin and show off's including: Dickie Beau, Legs and Coq, the winner of Baghdad's Got Talent, Josephine Shaker, Jayde Adams, Ginger Johnson and of course my showbiz sisters Japans People. Also the copy says I'm an 'award winning performance poet' - hope they know thats a LOL. Book here: http://mayfestbristol.co.uk/mayfest2014/scottees-camp/

I'll be staying on in Brizzle to perform The Worst of Scottee for a couple of nights as part of the final farewell tour (I am Cher). Tickets are selling fast for this one so book ahead: http://mayfestbristol.co.uk/mayfest2014/the-worst-of-scottee/

Guess Who?
My new digital piece Guess Who? debuted last week in Brighton and returns at the end of the month - it's a bit scary but if you are in the area you should check it out. http://www.pinkfringe.org.uk/2013/09/performr/

Right, that's your lot. I'm off to respond to the 98 emails I have because Air New Zealand don't have wifi 100000ft in the sky and to lie in a dark room and tell my body I'm not on a plane anymore. 

Love Me. X

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