Before I left the UK Grandad and I sat down with a nice box of biscuits and drafted some ideas about the art I could help him create. I have put it in art talk below so it sounds nice...

- Write a song with Bourgeois & Maurice about Grandad's love of the Irish country music shopping channel

- Photographic project of Grandad in Nanny's clothes

- 1 on 1 performance where audience visit Grandad's balcony, listening to his thoughts on the world whilst having a cup of tea. Call it sometime about optimism rubbing off

- 1 on 1 performance where you follow Grandad around and observe how the work interact with him

- Text based piece on the things Grandad thinks about - his thoughts on being old and dying are especially special 

- Sound tour that will visit Irish centres, arts spaces and care homes across the UK and Ireland that will explore Grandad's love of story telling, focusing on his early life.

- Write and create a concept album

- Video project documenting Grandad's jokes and their origins (in a pub in 1975 etc.)

- Have a cup of tea and slice of lemon drizzle with a famous artist, a politician and a member of the Royal Family - call it a workshop

- Set up Liam Gallagher social media, become a twitter approved tweeter and get a following. Verbatim tweets and anti-ageism campaigning

- Make a jacket collaborating with Lee Benjamin with slogan 'I'M NOT HARD OF HEARING OR LOOSING MY MIND' - Grandad to wear to the doctors surgery 

- Get Grandad to talk at a seminar for GP's and doctors about how to communicate with older people 

- Get Grandad nominated for the Turner prize, MBE or something with an award ceremony 

We also drafted some aims...

- Demystify and radicalise the idea of old

- Make those over 60 more visible (and not with high vis jacket)

- Encourage and enable elders to do similar projects of their own

- Tackle ageism in a optimistic, proactive way

- Share knowledge, wisdom and optimism

- Create good work that reaches past the East London art circle of shame

- Help the arts to adapt to working with an older so projects like these become common place until ageism becomes historical.

We have 14 days to go and just under £4k to find. Please do all you can to help us make this stuff happen. If we don't reach our goal we don't get any of the donations.


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