When I've asked you, the punter what you'd like to see more of you've always wanted to see more of the making, or what some might call 'the process'. Since the inception of Camp whenever I start a new project I blog down the early ideas.

This week I am rolling around the Royal Festival Hall with Lea Anderson and a gang of chubby artists acting as test bodies. We are developing an idea called Morbid Obesity. 

This project has been in the pipeline for some time - a fat movement piece about fat shame. We have questions about how to do this and why to do this. The next two days are about working that out.

Today: we pretended to be Laurel & Hardy, made abstract versions of the aforementioned without quite knowing it. Moved our offal and fucked up a Bob Fosse number.

My notepad says: Formation? Shame? M.O.R.B.I.D, What is morbid obesity? Is this a show about BMI? Can big be small? 

I think: Fat people look strange lying on the floor. The finger snap stuff is the strongest.

Where next: Mess, fighting, mirrors, name calling, punk, disco, more finger snapping.

More tomorrow. X

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