Over the next few months I’m trying to move away from doing variety stuff that I sort of know will work, I’m going to try to be dangerous and potentially fail – spoken word and storytelling is high on the agenda.

I’m putting ideas and projects to bed, moving on and starting some new ambitious projects. I’m going to be in rooms with makers doing stuff funders call ‘research and development’ – yes, I am that person.

The Scottee inc. team will also be locking themselves away over the summer to work on some exciting new work that involves fat people, the sea side, Essex Mum’s, gay people over 60 and drag queens.

I am looking for residencies to run away to. I’ve constantly made work for 5 years and I need some time to think. God I’m a wanker.

I am going through a / the change. Don’t worry I / it / stuff will continue to be pretentious, political and full of pouncey references to light entertainment and my awkward relationship to the arts.

There is a lot of stuff on that I want you to know about.
Here is that stuff…

Bourgeois & Maurice’s new ‘try it out’ night.
I’ll be doing a story and a string of half written poems.

Part of West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Transform festival.
I’m going to do a few favourites and try out a thing about hanging on.

This year is the last – if this is news to you then you haven’t looked at the website. Tap troupes, fat films, celebs and a lot of cake.

It’s a nightclub, it’s a disco, it’s a drag bar, it’s a karaoke lounge. It’ll be the best super club you’ve ever been to courtesy of Bestival, Jodie Harsh & I

I’ve curated Roundhouse’s late night dyke-y, faggy, gender bending variety night as part of CircusFest.

This is a new digital piece I’ve created for Pink Fringe and Brain Lobel using their performance app platform Performr. Keep an eye on Pink Fringe for how to see / do this.

After this we will be finally getting my Grandad’s project up and running - we’re gonna need your help.

In May I go to LA as an invited guest for Brit Week – what to see and do? Suggestions please. This is followed by a pit stop in Vegas to see my favourite live artist Britney Spears.

‘The times they are a changing’ – someone said that but I’m not well read so its sort of pointless to quote it. Lets make some proper art and fuck those off who think walking around a warehouse with unpaid actors, fresh out of drama school is edgy and interesting.

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