Day two and our final day of rolling about the floor discovering what this project can / could be. I realised that making this sort of work needs a lot of time, space and thought. It's not the sort of thing you can whack out and shove on stage of the tavern. It's careful, think-y, long days of questioning. 

I think I'm in love with Lea Anderson, we share the same sort of approach - instinctive, messing about. 

Today: I put the girls in front of a mirror to see what would happen - this lead to some lovely subtle bits of movement that provided the theme of the day. We shared our ideas with the Scottee inc. family, collaborators and interested parties. 

My notepad says: "I can't look at it [belly], it makes me emotional". Pulling, tugging, twitching and fiddling. 

I think: We are on to something. It's hard to think of fat people in show business who are not funny.

Where next: More time with Lea in a room to research fatness, shame and historical and cultural references. Find some money for the aforementioned.

Lotta love to Tamsin, Wendy and all the South Bank team for making this happen!

Video documentation of our two days at South Bank Centre will be online next Tuesday.

News: Today we set up TextGiving. This means if you like reading this sort of stuff, want to support research or would like to see more of the community engaged productions like Camp (on the Estate) and Hamburger Queen then you can give us a few pennies by sending a text!

Text FLAB14 £5 or £10 to 70070

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