As you may have heard from my Twitter / Facebook / screaming through the streets of Edinburgh I won a Total Theatre Award for my Edinburgh show. I was genuinely shocked as the talent in my category was really strong. I sort of just swore a lot during my acceptance speech - I was REALLY shocked.

When the dust settled I kicked myself for not thanking everyone so here is my e-acceptance speech. Its gushy but who cares? I've spent the last month at the other end of the country living off bread, fizzy wine and adrenaline I'm allowed to be a over dramatic gushy cow.

Major props to the following...

Chris Goode for helping me make the piece - challenging me, pushing me and making sure I was ready. Shaun Glanville for bringing in the dollar to make the project and going above and beyond his non existent job title. Leila Jones for believing in my silly idea and putting the support of the Roundhouse behind me. Arts Council England for giving me the money to make the work and taking the punt, Marty Langthorne for the beautiful lighting and again going beyond his call of duty. Hattie Prust for making sure I'm well watered and managing everything with a lead of button... like everything. Lee BenjaminJames Lewis and MAC cosmetics for making WOS the visual feast it is. Rachel Porter for her support in sourcing milk bottles (and various other silly props) and the tedious task of liaising with people who don't respond to emails. Dr Charlotte Cooper and Judy Jacob for some really wonderful films. Josephine Shaker for bearing with me as I learnt how to tap... slowly. Jen Smethurst, Josh Breach, Gabriel Duckels, Simon Holton and Karl Taylor for their helpful hands. Duckie for giving me the platform to try new ideas. Emma Ferrier for bullying the press. Bryony Kimmings & Le Gateaux Chocolat for holding my hand throughout the process and telling me it'll all be fine. Holly Revell for documenting the whole thing, My agent Richard and everyone at Curtis Brown for the support in getting the word out, the Scottee inc. board especially Dickie Eton for letting us use his garage and those of you who parted with their hard earned cash to watch me

...but most importantly My Mum for always making sure I had a pile of paper and cup full of felt tips.

In fact the list is so long it would have been awkward if I did say all that.
Major love to Total Theatre and all the assessors for helping make this the best fringe ever.


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