Its noon on a Tuesday morning and I've just had a fry up - this is code for I am hungover! Any other Monday night would have found me making three bean chocolate chilli, tucked up in bed by 11 but last night saw me pop a few corks... I am now suffering.

Why such audacious behaviour on a school night? The reviews for The Worst of Scottee are in...

The Stage 'Must See'

'The Worst of Scottee see this showman walk the fine line between vulnerability and charisma and reveal a little part of himself. It's a potent and compelling combination' 

★★★ Time Out
'one of the most impressive, affecting and unsettling productions I’ve seen this year'

★★★ The Scotsman

'brave, heartfelt and full of integrity. Just lovely' 

★★★ Three Weeks

'A rare and utterly bewitching performer, with a show that is honest, simple and cathartic'

★★★ Exeunt


★★★★ The Skinny

and if that wasn't enough I've been shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award - just to be shortlisted is amazing, I'm really proud

but most importantly here is what the punters have said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that you / the world / the journos / people who know what they are talking about 'get it'. This piece feels like my opening statement and I wanted to make sure it was good enough to warrant your attention and wages. Its a difficult piece to perform but its a story I've been wanting to say aloud for many years. 

If you can't make it to Edinburgh some tour dates are now on sale (check LIVE section on this site) and the London run will open 4th February at Roundhouse - on sale very soon!

Thank you for your support and encouragement - lets make more edgy shapes and fuck the thespians off. 

Love. X

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