I'm currently making my debut solo show 'The Worst of Scottee', developed with Roundhouse and directed by Chris Goode. The show will open at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe later this year but I couldn't turn down the offer of going back to Dublin. In a few week I will be heading back to Ireland with an exclusive performance for Live Collision festival.

Aptly titled 'The Best of Scottee' I've billed this one off show as '...at the end of being his best' (which will make more sense when my solo show is revealed).

'The Best of Scottee' at Project Arts Centre
Friday 19th April, 8.15pm
Book Here - http://www.livecollision.com/portfolio/the-best-of-scottee/

I will also be running a workshop while I am there for performers, show off's and wannabe's who want to learn how to make short pieces of live art, cabaret or variety.
Thursday 18th April, 2pm - 5pm
Book Here - http://www.livecollision.com/portfolio/scottee-workshop/

I will not be performing this piece anywhere else so if you fancy seeing a bit of Ireland, me do something raw and would like to get drunk with me in a different country then jump on a plane - its only £36 return.

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