(L to R: Ashleigh, Venus of Willendorf & Holly Handfuls)

Hamburger Queen 2013 Finalists I caught up with this year fat finalists to chew the fat over their experience, what they will be pulling out of the bag for this weeks final and how they feel about obesity!

Scottee: Why did you all enter Hamburger Queen?
Holly Handfuls: I watched two rounds of the show last year and fell in fat love with the whole thing. I thought that being in Hamburger Queen might be another chance to push myself out of my comfort zone, step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, and show the world (or at least the RVT) that fat can also be fabulous.
Ashleigh: I entered because I felt it was finally time for me to begin to accept and embrace who I am. I’ve spent my life trying to hide and avoid my weight, it was as if (in my head) if I didn’t mention it no one would know I was fat. I wanted the opportunity to perform somewhere were my weight was not a distraction or a disappointment, it was expected from me.

S: How have you found the process?
Venus of Willendorf: I've had nerves, stress, invigoration and the buzz of such a positive audience reaction. I love that I've felt free to unleash my creativity and that it's been received enthusiastically. 

S: What are you preparing for the final?
H: The moment Amy Lamé called my I was like "Oh, shit.  I have one week to switch from fabulous to extraordinary."  By Friday morning, I had a complete plan for all three rounds.  I don't want to give the game away but for Trend: my theme is pretty in pink, for Talent: I'm going full on fierce, and for Taste: I'm bringing the next big thing in baking.
V: I'm going to take the theme I used in my heat and push it a little bit further. Be prepared for fertility Goddesses, plentiful bounty and hard-core papier-mâché.
A: I’ll have a new look, but the other two rounds are staying quite similar. The talent will be bigger and better with an extra section added; I think it will be even funnier this time around and there are nice surprises added for those who have already seen it before. But yeah, there will be more poo!

S: What does fat activism mean to you?
V: I had never thought about the politics of fat in this way before, but have always been keen to promote body-confidence. I think as a society we need to focus on body confidence across a whole spectrum as this is not just a fat issue. We don't need acceptance or validation; we need to liberate ourselves by going back to what it means to be human and casting aside superfluous judgements of our bodies. I AM SEX.
H: Fat activism is not a perfect movement; it has its flaws.  But finding fact activism saved me from spending the rest of my life hating my body.  It's a social justice and a civil rights movement that promotes the notion that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of size.  A person's worth, as a human being is not determined by their appearance.

S: Plus size, super size or morbidly obese?
A: The term ‘morbidly obese’ makes my skin crawl. Plus size or super size please.
H: I actually prefer the term fat but, unlike some fat activists.
V: I can be whatever you want me to be, baby.

S: Who would be in your version of the Dove adverts?
A: Just a wider variation of sizes. I know that is a bit of a boring answer but the whole point of Dove adverts are to show beauty within range of sizes but the biggest sized model is like an 18? Does a woman stop being attractive when she passes the size 18 mark? No she doesn’t. More fatties please, Dove. Kind Regards!
V: The idea that showing us 'real bodies' will make us feel OK about ourselves is fucked up so it's irrelevant how accurate or wide-ranging a portrayal of body-types it is.
H: I want my Dove advert to be a group of women that includes breast cancer survivors, transwomen, women with disabilities, a range of different races, different ages, and different body sizes.  I want to see wrinkles and double chins and scars and skin colors that haven't been lightened and fat rolls that haven't been smoothed out by photoshop.   

This Thursday the girls battle it out for Hamburger Queen crown, Tatty Devine medal, £500 from Beige magazine, A very special easter treat from Paul A Young, An Edd Kimber cake, A HBQ tee shirt, bottle of fizz and lots more! They will be judged by Fenella Fielding, Nancy Del'LOL'io, Lisa Stansfield, Jodie Harsh and my Mum. Jude Bean is LIVE in the studio and we have a surpirse performance from Le Gateau Chocolat!

This weeks show has sold out. Returns will be available on the door.

If you missed out on any of the heats you can find all three weekly round ups here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7VW7bJ_FgE&list=PLnT-x6QNiquLo4BfLjVP7XUdJkMlFZAJV

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