Day #1

This week I am developing my first solo show. The show will debut in Edinburgh in August and tour the UK in October, a London run in February with international dates to follow this. Although we are awaiting news from the Arts Council to help make any of it possible - fingers crossed!

The show is being developed with Roundhouse, where I am an associate artist this year. They have given me some space to work out the show as well as many cups of tea and shoulders to cry on.

I'm working with a director on this project which is really exciting. Chris Goode makes theatrical porn and by that I mean stuff you eyes and brain want to fuck. His work is clever, exciting and forever evolving - in short I am lucky he has agreed to help me get the ideas out.

This week I will be revealing bits and bobs about the show and letting you in on the process of making my first solo tour. At the end of the week I will be asking you for help.

I am nervous and excited but feel like I am in safe hands.

More will be revealed about the project this week and when the show goes on sale but I can tell you that the clue is in the title - this is not me at my best, this is not my best side.

Today we: ate flapjacks, listened to the mice scratch at the wall and talked about stationary. Chris made me talk about myself for 2hrs non-stop whilst he ate Haribo and I drew things on a long piece of brown paper.

I learnt: It's totally OK that I can't spell and that its time to use my brain (and Maggie Thatcher is dead).

Things I wrote in my notepad: Slightly political, vaguely camp. Ignore Me. Intelligence is a relationship.

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