Day #2

Its 18.30 and in 18 hrs the Edinburgh deadline hits and as of yet we haven't signed a contract, after a hefty day in the studio splurging my guts this is the last thing I need but I have a great team around me including Shaun (and his calculator) lending a hand. Shaun is working with me at the moment on a few projects on help with funding, finance and other F words. (Check his site out)

I think people in theatre would say that today some 'light bulbs went off', I however would say things fell into place. We were discussing a major event in my life when a question I wrote yesterday was suddenly answered 'Why do people stop talking to me?'.

Today I felt like an artist. Discuss. 

Today we: talked, alot. Sang Kurt Weill songs - did you know Chris Goode can play the joanna? Ate posh M&S biscuits. Tried to work out what people think about me.

I learnt: why I am the way I am.

Things I wrote in my note pad: Pre-cunt / Post-cunt. I am what I am, am I?. Contractions. The sky won't fall in. Make yourself vulnerable.

This image is about being conscience of what I don't want to make - a cabaret stool, fishnets and mic type of thing.

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