Day #3

This morning was mostly spent on the phone to Edinburgh producers all offering to take the show - at a price. With the midday deadline over my head,and my iphone at 20% battery it was tight but once contracts where signed we hit the road running, or whatever the saying it.

Sometimes when you are making work it feels like you've been starring at the answer all along.

Today we made 'the breakthrough' and with it came the hook, the chorus and the start of a beautifully ugly melody, like the theme tune of American Beauty - cliché but everyone will hum along.

Although we are only 3 days in it feels like I can finally make sense of the white noise life has throw at me since 1985.

Today I referred to myself as an artist and the work I'm making as a piece - progress.

Today we: tried some M&S carrot cake cookies (weird, nice and taste like Christmas), started work on another long piece of brown paper which turned into a time line and moved a chair to the centre of the room.

I learnt: this isn't going to be a show that's all singing, all dancing and some of you might be annoyed by that but if you're willing to come on the journey I'm up for the challenge.

Things I wrote in my notepad: ?, Prove identity, 3mins of something?, Fun/Formal, process'?

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