Day #4

Some strange things have been happening since we discovered the device of the show - I keep on bumping into and falling upon strange coincidences.

This morning we put masking tape on the floor and mapped out the playing space which will be very small. After this we sat down, got comfy and just spoke for ages about what it could be, where it could go and its shape.

I feel excited but the nerves of day one have more or less disappeared.

Over lunch I applied to a festival in Belfast and ate some chips, my head is really in this show, even after 4 days of development.

I think I should be worried about the Arts Council bid but my brain is telling me not to panic and focus on that as and when - can everyone light a candle or something.

After lunch I spent alot of time talking about people and places from my teens - as I step foot out of the Roundhouse and head towards my Nan's (I've got to sort her pension out) I realise I am walking 30 yards behind someone I hadn't seen in 10 years but who I'd been speaking out 10 mins ago. The closer I get to my Nan's the more people I recognise from my past.

I think the next step might be to visit my childhood home, I haven't been there or anywhere near it for 10 years.

Today we:
tried All Butter, Strawberry, Vanilla, Milk and White Chocolate M&S cookies - discuss. Played around with a measuring tape and put some more post-its into place.

I learnt: 'this show will be like those solo shows that are a wank in the mirror, but this one will cum in your face' - I actually said this.

Things I wrote in my notepad:
Affect / effect the sound, Call Marty, Upscale and get my tap shoes from the studio

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