Day #5

It's the last day of our development week and what a week it has been - I know that sounds cliché but wait until you see it, you'll need a mug of sweet tea.

This morning kicked off with my feet on a chair (don't worry I haven't taken up the Alexander Technique) talking about being drunk and booze.

We moved on to draw some nice pictures on post it notes and began to dream what the show might look like. I did some print outs and Chris asked "What did they do before the internet? How did people make shows?" We decided they spent a lot of time in a Library looking at books to which I replied "Is that why 70's theatre was so annoyed with itself?" I LOL'd, Chris laughed.

Today we spoke about big things in detail and I kept a stiff upper lip, I'm not afraid of emotion but it wouldn't be helpful at this point of the process.

Chris also had a flashback to a meeting we had when I was about 19 in which he didn't like my idea for a show and I responded with "I AM UTTERLY OFFENDED!" - which was awkward. Luckily I had no recollection of the encounter. I LOL'd, Chris laughed.

I've decided I think you'll enjoy this piece. Chris & I both agree that the critics will call it 'therapy' or 'navel gazing' but its uglier than that. Its definitely shaping up to being a big slap around the face (with tap dancing).

I want to always live in a dark room with Chris Goode, I love making work in this way, I wish life was one big development week.

On Sunday I will be uploading a video to YouTube that will give away a bit more of the show - I know I've been dancing around the issue a bit but all because I need your help. In order for it to be made / happen / exist I have to do that incredibly trendy thing of crowd fund a bit, but even if you can't or don't want to there will be enough gossip and info in the film to keep you interested and part of the process.

Thanks for reading this week. Have you enjoyed it? Do you want to know more stuff like this when I'm making my work?

Here is how the end of the week looks like on the studio wall.

Thank you to Leila and the Roundhouse gang for letting us take over this week.


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