My Grandad is illiterate, he cannot write and the biggest word he knows is 'piculair' but he is possibly the most socially intelligent man I've met with an inspirational view on the world and others around him. I hold no GCSE's and won't sort my dyslexia out due to being born stubborn yet I think I have a enough intelligence to believe I am 'amazing' and become successful (whatever that is) without academia behind me. In this line of work you meet people who have dedicated thousands of pounds and years of their lives becoming academic and gaining letters after their name, does this make you more intelligent or does it simply teach us a method of gaining knowledge? With this in mind I've launched my newest web project 'Lecterner' - a monthly podcast that invites everyone to spout their knowledge or lack of and educate, inform or demoralise its listeners. I want Lecterner to be a device for anyone to talk about anything they feel is important. I want to learn things without spending money or feeling I'm thick. Project info here - http://lecterner.tumblr.com/

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