Camp Friday

Every Friday I will be posting my favourite camp clips ahead of my first unoffensive, no mess, non arty show Camp at Roundhouse, I want to see if I can be entertaining. Camp is a bit of a departure for me, I’m known for covering audiences in pasta sauce and being provocative with a capital P, I want to see if I can make a show that you could bring your Mum to, get her drunk and both end up enjoying a fat boy in sequins doing marvellous things with magic cigarettes. This is an experiment to see if light entertainment is entertaining - it could all go wrong.

This weeks clip is from Lily Savage's live show in 1995. Lily is joined by Mr Camp himself Bob Downe who I was obsessed with as a child although not many remember his LWT weekend primetime show (in which he wore some of the most wonderful safari suits known to man). Here they recreate Torvill & Deans 'Bolero' which could be considered a camp clip itself.

I score this clip 4 limp wrists out of five. Drag, wigs, chiffon, dry ice, pastiche, dance routine and a cover record. All that is missing is a confetti drop.

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