Camp Friday 

This weeks camp clip comes from Blackpool drag troupe 'The Funny Girls' - they are a regular feature of the Royal Variety performance and in this clip they pull some marvellous shapes, if this were in a live art context I think it would be equally amazing. I've chosen a Royal Variety clip this week as the more I develop Camp the more it becomes a bastardised version of the Royal Variety show, infact without sounding like a light entertainment geek, Camp is probably more influenced by Marie Lloyd's "By Command of the British Public" performance, 1912. Lloyd put on a variety show on the same night as the Royal Variety and only a few streets away, she wasn't asked to perform for the King as she had been divorced three times and enjoyed a bevvy, so she put her own production on and sold out long before the Royal Variety. In this show she wore her bloomers (risque for the time) which were made from a Union Jack - if you thought Geri Halliwel was avant for the Brits dress, think again! 

I score this clip 5 limp wrist out of 5 - its primetime-TV-femme-realness with tamborine hats, lipsynching (and forgetting the words) with legs, heads and hands in canon!

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