Sometimes life throws irony in your face just to see what you'll do, if your a knob you'll take offence but if you happen to see the glass half full (or whichever way it is) you might just 'LOL' - I happen to be more concerned what is in the glass and who I'm throwing it at. Last year after the opening night of Burger Queen a drunken queen posted a facebook rant (we've all been there) saying it was a disgrace I was flogging this show and wearing support pants at the same time as preaching fat acceptance, it wasn't the first time I've been accused of being a hypocrite but I like to use this story because it echos / screams my stance on fat pride. Just because I'm OK with being a fatso it doesn't mean I don't have food issues nor does it mean I should worry about talking about them, it doesn't mean I'm anti-diet nor does it mean I want to be on one, it doesn't mean I think support pants are the route of all evil but just a helpful way of hiding my junk.

When this advert appeared on TimeOut next to the feature on Burger Queen I had to LOL, if you do too I hope you come on Thursday

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