We have just over a week to go until we prise open the doors of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (@thervt) for the first heat of Burger Queen 2012 and I'm dying with excitement! Last year many moments made me realise why I was actually shovelling my hard earned dollar into a beauty pageant for fatso's but where else would you see wheelchair wonders, 30 stone starlets and bi-trans-fathers all having a go and showing the world that fatties don't need a happy meal to feel fulfilled? We've put together some of our highlights from the 2011 romp with the help of Miggs (miguelalvarez.co.uk). I hope to see as many of you there rocking a BQ badge on the 1st (coming soon!), stuffing your face with a RVT burger while cheering on the low-cal talent (boom boom).

The delightful Amy Lamé, whom I wouldn't be able to run this show without even though she does scoff all the nibbles, has done a wonderful piece for the Huffington Post about fatness in 2012 with afew vox pops from me, consider it homework before we open
Sami Knight is also theming his music each week - Heat 1 is Divas week so tweet us #burgerqueen what you want to hear. Miss Annabel has some corkers planned for the final song and Jude Bean is confirmed for the final alongside my MUM! 

See you on the 1st March and please feel free to tweet, facebook, write on a wall - we need all the support we can get (even if you are a chubby fucker)

Scottee X


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