Today I woke up at 7am, do you feel my pain? This was all because some art student ego took over my body and proclaimed to the group that I wanted to shoot early to, i quote "get the right light".

We have had an amazing day of filming, eating ice cream, getting wheezy, jumping into cars before traffic wardens got too close and cold lasagna all to help create each others work.

I also read my paper aloud to Oreet, we both agree when I perform it I'll drop a few hundred followers but Oreet thought it was 'Live Art Stand Up' - who knows!

Today I also shot the first part of my 'Tourism' project I mentioned yesterday.
'Tourism - an alternative guide to __________' is a video series based in different UK towns. The aim of the project is to reengage a new visitor and the existing community to interact with forgotten cafes, piers, beaches, libraries, post offices or community centres through video and audio tours. I'm hoping to start the project in Southend over the next year and kicked it off by filming the first video 'Head Space - Leigh on Sea Beach' today. What started out being a video about self help Vs going mental has turned into a macabre video about being alone in nice places, I think..


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