..and so it is my final day lording it up at the manor house by the sea, having everything done for me, abusing G4 macs and all in the name of 'performance art' - I think I've enjoyed my week of being middle class, I look forward to being a rich 'arts worker' in Woking in 50 years time.

As part of Oriana Fox's performance 'The O Show' I was asked to be hypnotized by her mother - Angela, we spoke at length about my fear of academics, what they stood for and the work produced in 'their' spaces. To my surprise she sided with me and the results were AMAZING. Oriana has kindly allowed me to show the piece at 'Performance Doesn't Matter' - her mother is also coming to see me in Violence in November, already I know this woman is my cup of tea.

Today I made another piece of video work titled 'Just Desserts - Rossi Ice Creams, Southend on Sea' - this is also part of the Tourism' project, stills will follow tomorrow. Tomorrow we also present our work to each other, Spill, Arts East, Arts Admin and Metal.

I don't want to go back to London and have to make things in the way I have been, my eyes have prised open to creating work away from work and doing it for fun. I feel reborn, sorry to sound like Ferne Brittan but I am a new woman.

Last night Metals MD Colette asked me why I was updating my blog and if I did it in London everyday, I said no but the reason I wanted to here was to be honest in my practice, let you tell me if its shit and not feel mental when making solo work. Thanks for listening and keep checking back for rants and documentation of the week.


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ahackinhackney said...

Lovely!.. Worth getting up early for Scottee xx