At Eat Your Heart Out HQ we've had our head down in rehearsals, yes we've turned into poncey performance artists who need space to think, why? Last year a theatre in West London approached us to create a show for one of their 'studios' - most of you will know that we would usually tell these theatre types to fuck off but we thought it would be a wonderful challenge to move on from annoying the cabaret crooners and start pissing off the theatre thespians. 

We are creating a new piece we semi-debuted last year called 'Violence' - the show and ideas behind it have moved on in post London riot world and we are keen to explore the world of nasty. Rape, victimization, homophobic attacks and the effects on the mental health are teamed with can can, punk poetry and alot of nice dancing. We have a some experimental tech in the show and we're trying to push ourselves in a new direction, this could all go wrong but its all with the aim of messing this 'theatre' world up abit.

17th – 26th November | Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith W6 | Book here

Get involved: As well as creating this show we are launching a hashtag - modern - We are asking twitter users to use #violencenow to report violent encounters towards them or others - of course you should contact the Police or Crimestoppers (and continue to do that!) but alot of LGBTQ hate crime goes unreported, from name calling to physical violence - it is unacceptable. #violencenow is a reminder to everyone the level of violence in our society and offers a reporting feed that will not only highlight to others what is going on but hopefully enable to victim to report events to friends and followers without fear or embarrassment. 

Violence Variety - 26th Nov: We’re worried that doing a show in a posh theatre means we’ve turned into a theatre company, so in the interests of public safety we’ve decided to have a post-violence variety show with some of your favorite cabaret show-offs. This is an excuse for us to get drunk, show new work and ruin our set, costume and reputation. Here for more info

Ticket offers and group discounts are available: scottee@eyho.org.uk

'Fabulous! contemporary performance art reaffirming my faith in the fringe' **** Three Weeks


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