Today we told each other what we were planning to make. I've decided I'd like to create a series of video projects based at seaside resorts in the UK titled 'Tourism' - the first of which I am recording tomorrow. It's got abit more to it but I'll save the 'politic' and wank for tomorrow.

Last night I met a woman who wrote to Jim'll Fix It in the late 70's, this got me thinking about rejection and the need to please - a feeling most stand up's & performers can relate too. I am fixing her fix-it on Saturday, this is part of a larger project in March so I'm inviting you to send me your non-fixed Jim'll Fix It - Rule: You must have sent the real Jim a letter during his reign. fix@scottee.co.uk

The most part of the day was spent writing a paper (who knew?). It has been noted by my peers that I have 'academiphobia' - a fear of the academic, which could be true and so I wrote an extension of my Light Art post to perform at 'Performance Doesn't Matter' -  here is my favourite exert:

'Using verbs like participatory help show your work has layers and is as politically or intellectually complex as it is novel'.

and finally this which you can print out and do a thesis about. X


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