Scottee is Carrie Bradshaw

Today I was asked why Performance Matters? I responded with

"Performance doesn't matter. We don't save lives, rescue cats from trees or look after the old. Performance aims to enriches peoples lives, we can only hope this numbs the pain."

Considering my last post to this blog and the above quote this got me thinking - do I enjoy being a performer/live artist/cabaret thing? I exist in these ever popular circles of karaoke covers, Beyond Retro costumes and Smiffy wigs but I'm not excited by it, it doens't make me think differently about the world and what about that word 'progression'? 
 This week I received some fan mail  

"not only is it (your work) mind-numbingly boring but it is also conceptually vapid"

He goes on to say my work does little and is comparable to 'Sex and the City', this has got me thinking about what my work means and the greater good. It would be easy to get angry at the comparison between myself and Sarah Jessica Parker but we are both sat at our iMacs, sipping coffee, blurting out our inner thoughts to whoever should read it and we are both characters.
There will always be people who think little of my input just as my own opinions to those who flaunt burlesque or fancy dress drag, but does it really matter what side your on? My biog states 'what ever you think of Scottee - he won't care' - I'm not sure how true this is, what people take from my work is important, what they think of me isn't relevant.

Recently I've been making more art, installation and audio than physical performance so maybe this is a shift in my practice. Next week I'm on residency at Metal Works on the Essex coast creating new work (I'll be posting my progress each day here and twitter #FunnyFive) who knows, maybe it'll be conceptually vapid (which some would argu is a 'process') or maybe it'll reinvent the wheel, either way I'm still a lovely person and I'm having a go. Just as Carrie did when she fell over on the runway during New York fashion week I'll brush it off, smile and do my best - whatever it is.

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