Today I invented a genre.

Light Art 
Combining popular light entertainment devices with the 
discipline and practice of live or performance art. 

This is somewhat a reactionary genre.

Live Art can be an isolating world where academics produce reenactment work of other live artists dead or alive. This process is not seen as 'copying' but 'development' or 'referential'. Words like 'entertaining' 'showbiz' and 'panache' are not apart of it's vocabulary and work of the genre is frowned upon. Work must be referred to as a 'piece' to give it gravitas and pull focus from its lack of technical ability. Live Art does not exist in the theatre and theatrical elements are actively opposed, this includes good lighting and 'the 4th wall'. Work that communicates your difficult relationship with the tampon or nothingness is encouraged. Titling your work 'Untitled' or 'A Long Title That Is Nothing To Do With The Work' is also acceptable. When comment is given on lack of theatre, technical ability or aesthetic a live artist must respond with '..that is what I wanted the piece to communicate'.

Cabaret can be an isolating world where the artist is encouraged to produce retrospective or vintage works, these can also be set to or direct interpretations of other entertainers work, alive or dead. This process is not seen as 'copying' or 'referential' but standard practice. Alcohol and drug use are encouraged to create a back story your audience can relate or buy into, artifice is key to a strong character or 'act'. The work is referred to as a 'turn' or 'bit' and lack of technical ability is forgiven by an audience mildly intoxicated. Cabaret exists in venues usually with a heritage of light entertainment or again usually free from artistic association. Titling your work is not common practice. No subject is passé and work that makes light of child abuse and its offenders or is derogatory towards the female is acceptable. Work can be repeated for many years and given the tag of a 'standard' - this enables the performer to continue presenting this work to an audience. When comment is given on the lack of focus, politic or development a cabaret artist must respond with '..oh fuck off you cunt'.

I'll be exploring this issue in more detail as part of 'Performance Matters' with a show titled 'Performance Doesn't Matter' - Key speakers, turns and some feathers ruffled. 
More info here - http://thisisperformancematters.co.uk/EYHO.html


Simon Casson said...

This is very very funny.

SCOTTEE said...

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