This week I am creating new performance work around the theme of comedy and stand up. I've been lucky to be chosen to be apart of a residency Oreet Ashery and Metal have organised. The residency is over 5 days on the Essex coast and explores live artists developing work that uses humor. Invited guest speakers include stand up comics Simon Munnery and Alex Horne. We are free to create work that is or is not comedic. Other perks include my meals being cooked for me and getting driven everywhere.

I am posting updates on twitter using hashtag #funnyfive - aka five days of making 'funny' work and each day will be posting some ideas, images and work in progress material (this feels scary as I'm used to presenting more fully formed ideas but here goes).

Feedback and comments appreciated. Fatty X

Today was mainly everyone talking about their work, therefore we didnt create anything new but I did read aloud a my previous post Light Art to a group of Live Artists, wrong crowd?

Our induction also included a tour of the sights and sounds of Southend (Saa-fend), this included our tour guide taking us along the front playing Kraftwerk quite loud.

We drove to a charming peninsula called 'Canvey Island' - Conservative Britain is encouraging us to shop local and hoilday in the UK but Canvey did not have a tourist centre. Here are some beautiful postcards you can print out and send to your Mum.

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