Yesterday a group of women across the London transport system were handed cards that told them they were ‘ugly humans’ by a young man who abruptly alighted their carriage.

Angered at this I'm responding in the only way I know how. From Noon – 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd December) I will be travelling on tubes, buses and trains distributing You're Amazing cards to anyone who catches my eye. 

I want to momentarily drown out the body shaming and fat phobia created by Overweight Haters Ltd and put a bit of brilliance back into the world. If you see me ask me for a card - keep it or pass it along to someone who could benefit from a moment of brilliance.

If you don't see me, tell someone they are brilliant! 

Thanks to the brilliant people at MOO for supplying the print and encouraging me to do this! ❤️

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