36 hours ago I came up with the idea of spreading some optimism across the London transport system to drown out the fat shaming a young man had decided to distribute this week. 

After a later than scheduled start to the day I began to hand out my moo cards to anyone who caught my eye. The result was a day spent on trains and buses listening to Radio 4, spreading a little love.

I walked 17,022 steps across the transport system, giving out 551 #IAmAmazing cards.13,412 of you have interacted with the project online including these lush responses...

Some people were dubious and refused to take a card, most people thanked me and smiled. One TfL worker hugged me and said "we can't judge people, respect to you". The best response was from two young women on the overground, I told them they were amazing and one responded "we know". 

Spending the day attempting to break down peoples barriers, shout over their headphones repeating "yes, I'm talking to you" has taught me the stereotypical miserable don't-talk-to-me Londoner is not too far from the truth. If I learnt anything yesterday its we're all nice people but for nice things to happen we need to be a bit more open to them. 

Things like Overweight Haters Ltd make us dubious of stranger interaction and rightly so, but this means the bearded hipster who dolled out the fat hate wins. We need to be less cynical of each other, we don't need to police each others bodies - hearing "you is fat and ugly" does not mean I, or anyone else will change for you. Here's a cliché - life is too short! Lets stop dictating how the rest of us live our lives and enjoy it!

A massive thank you to everyone involved, especially MOO for supplying all the print (they are good people - buy their things!)

If you live in the UK and would like me to send you some you can order some free* here (*there is a 55p postage charge - I'm not made of money, bae). Alternatively you can download the artwork here

...or what about just telling someone they are brilliant without the need of this device? 


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