I'm 14 and I'm wearing a beige tracksuit with one leg of the joggers up to my calf and the other cuffed around my ankle. I'm sat on a forgotten M that once part of the TV:AM logo, we're outside our very own mecca - MTV:Select. 

I can see the back of Donna Air's head, she talks to teenagers calling up when their Mum is out just to get once step closer to pop. I'm eating a 38p bar of Diary Milk and I'm reluctantly sharing it with Fat Alan. 

A minicab pulls up, it's raining and so it's only Fat Alan, Michael and I are waiting for anyone of any note to sign our Arsenal notepads - these scribbles will elevate our status back on the estate. I've already got Victoria Beckham and Dane Bowers, all members of the Venga Boys and June Sarpong, three times. Usually Vick, Sylvia and that girl from Zone 6 would be here but not today.

Nobody gets out of the car so we're drawn closer. Two girls are taking pictures of the building and we write them off as tourists. 

Michael, the opportunist angles his head inside the car whilst using his elbow to mark his territory ensuring we don't get any closer. Fat Alan and I push past his elbow and inside the car two girls, one of whom is wearing a cowboy hat giggle at Michaels rehearsed charisma.

Fat Alan says 'do I know you?', after a few failed attempts to identify the girls they tell us they are about to have a another single out in the UK. We get them to sign our notepads, obviously. 

We ask them to sing their song and so the girls begin to sing 'U G L Y you ain't got to alibi..'. We tell them we think it's going to be a hit, we know loads about pop. They ask us for suggestions of places to go, we tell them Trocadero is really cool and so they should hang around Leicester Square loads. 

Michaels charm rubs off and one of the girls gives him a piece of paper. Michael brags that she scribbled her number on it but we never see piece of paper to confirm this is a fact.

They say their goodbyes, the car drives off and we take shelter under the MTV logo. Donna Air waves to the camera, lights down and we walk back to our estate.

It's funny the memories a comeback can provoke. Not a bad record either. 

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