(Not) Lyn Gardners Theatre Picks

I haven't done one of these for some time folks - SORRY! I like doing them but I've been caught up being popular. Awkward.

If you are new to this blog - HIYA! This is my irregular list of things in the next coming months I think you could pay attention too...

The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face
Shunt shows are always full of mystery, fear and that panic you might be asked to do something. This show is no different - awkward and with the added fear you might fall in the Thames.

Anna Nicole The Opera
Every time the Arts Council make their decisions on who should get what funding the Royal Opera House get slagged off BUT with seats at £5 for operas with 100+ cast I tend to think they sing for their supper. Anna Nicole's the 4th production I've seen at the ROH this year and by far the best. Imagine a disco ball, above a 50ft mattress with a fat girl signing "I'm gonna rape the American Dream" and you are close to how epic this genius production is. Laste few dates so RUN! 

Dead Boys
James Unsworth's show finishes at Ditto Gallery next weekend. It's full of pictures of monsters, decapitated heads, shits and cartoon characters having it off with each other. The show is to celebrate the launch of his second book (his first has been banned by Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - FOR REAL!).

Chewing the Fat
Selina Thompson is one of those artists who deserve medals (or Blue Peter badges). She makes complex arguments into simplistic, messy polemics. If I had some sort of power I'd say she was 'one to watch'. 

Backstage in Biscuit Land
I interviewed the wonderful Jess aka Tourettes Hero on Radio 4 a few weeks before her Edinburgh run - she's the best person ever! She stole the show up there with her near perfect show about her tourettes. Go see it and stop moaning about your life.

1000 Londoners
OK so it's on the internet but I think it warrants some of your attention. This brilliant web series introduces you to all the amazing people that make up Londoners - from the man who lifts Tower Bridge to the man who walks the sewers! I am hooked!

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