An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins

Dear @KThopkins,

Whilst having a nose at some sensible news this morning I found a story on the Indy that bought your column for The Scum to my attention. 

Now you are no stranger to controversy and unlike others I don't particularly feel the need for you to be silenced. We live in a brilliant society where even ex-reality stars who shop at Waitrose but write for tabloids are allowed to air their views. 

To some you are the most hated, to a select demographic of UKIP supporters you are the second coming.  

I'm rarely annoyed by you, your comments are never substantial enough for me to really worry and I understand the game you are playing, you are not the devil but you are it's advocate.  

I've tried really hard to read between the lines of your piece, I know you are one of these new journo types, dreaming up controversial statements in response to yesterdays news in the hope Sky will give you £250 for going on to read the news papers. 

Assisted suicide is a tricky subject that isn't cut and dry but I think you've let your ageist valves slip instead of tackling the real issue at hand.

We live in a society where elders are often ignored, often patronised by people like you, whom I presume have never had a family member with dementia. 

My English Grandfather past away 10 years ago, in the last 3 years of his life his memory left him, the result of him being knocked off his bicycle by a London Bus. He was an independent man who fought in WW2, lived to tell the tale and did 35 years for the Post Office. Of course he needed extra support and forgot who many people were but he always remembered me, his time as a post man and continued to remained quiet about WW2. Should I have hit him with a hammer as you suggest in your column?

Your comments towards elders are not shocking but worrying - “Society has tried giving old people the hint that they are not wanted”. 

I want to ask you if you think an older person is more or less likely to face ageism as a result of your column? Do you think people are more likely to be aggressive towards older people as a result of your word count? Are you aware of the power your words have with those who buy into the red top culture? These attitudes towards elders will have a detrimental effect on you in years to come, whats more: women are more likely to develop dementia.

By separating society and older people you obviously think they are not the same, older people are other. If there is anything I've learnt from your rants - you are afraid of the other.

I am currently attempting to turn my Grandad in to an artist to fight ageism, he like you thinks he should die at 80 to make way for new generations and free up NHS resources - an opinion I think has been fed to him by the predominately ageist society we live in, but unlike you he doesn't believe society doesn't want him or that he has nothing to give.

I am asking you to visit him, have a cup of tea and perhaps change your attitudes towards older people. Ignorance is bliss but I dare you to take the afternoon off trolling Lily Allen and rethink your stance. 


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