Two Months to go with a Lifetime of Baggage Behind Me

Show business’best kept secret is that I suffer, often in silent with my mental health or what people on Prozac in the 90’s called ‘depression’.

How can a fat bundle of sequins like me be depressed? I hear you cry. Even post government funded adverts that show you how to deal with the office nutter people are still plagued by their past.

Every morning I wake up at 7:10am, I go swimming three times a week, I drink lots of water and I avoid confrontation - all in place to help me stay afloat / tread water / stop drowning – delete as appropriate.

For some unknown reason I thought it would be a good idea to delve into my past and work out why so many people suddenly stopped talking to me and go public with my mistakes - all in the name of art.

After our development week my director Chris and I bashed out what the show would look,
feel and sound like. It was a heavy week of reading back stories I never heard but only told and suddenly it all came into focus... and with it - closure.

The Worst of Scottee is my debut solo show, some of you may have seen my development blog on here or seen the Edinburgh Fringe show link – with two months to go before I take the plunge I’m only suddenly only just realizing what the fuck I am doing.

I think some people (mainly reviewers) will find this a difficult project – I can’t say too much but I’m putting myself in the firing line. What I hope will happen is that audiences who see this will think it a brave opening statement to a bold career making work that’s beyond those afore mentioned sequins. What could happen is that an audience may think – this isn’t funny, I’m leaving.

FYI this isn't a beauty pageant, a cabaret show or a something you can clap along too - its theatre - LOL.

Sets are being made, people keep asking my things about projectors I have no clue about and the words 'cash flow' still mean nothing to me - all this as well as trying to make good art and keep myself normal - lets hope I can pull this off.

Whatever happens next I ready for it, sort of.  I’ll be keeping a regular blog on here – here goes nothing / everything.

The Worst of Scottee debuts at the Edinburgh Fringe - More info here

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