Scottee inc. need a home. 

As you may have read we are in the midst of launching my new company.
Scottee inc. will support and develop the silly ideas in my head. We want to look posh, we don't want to go mad and we need what people in the arts call 'thinking space' - we need a home!

We are after a space that can fit two desks, a lot of herbal tea and one ego. Storage space for equipment would also be really helpful. If you are looking to set up a new creative office space, have space at your gaff or fancy loaning us your offices' spare room (I'm a dreamer) get intouch.

We are a new start up so looking for affordable, practical space.

Drop me a line if you have any leads


(this doesn't mean you should email me adverts on Gumtree - I know how to use Google)

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