Oh Hiya! As you may know I am in full fund raising mode at the moment getting funds together for my new solo show The Worst of Scottee but more importantly the development of my new company Scottee inc.

I've just got in the door from a lovely meeting with the Arts Council and I can now confirm they will be supporting some of my first solo tour and the initial company development which is really exciting and makes a lot more stuff possible! However we have some hoops to jump through.

I need to raise another few thousand quid before they will release any funding to us - I'm a new artist and they are taking a leap of faith financing my fruition so I understand why. A few weeks ago I launched a crowd funding project and so far you wonderful people have helped me get about a 1/4 of the way!

It's now time to ramp up the fund raising, pull on the heart stings and prove to you why I need your help / wages.

Over the next three years I have some really exciting projects planned from intergenerational drag projects around gay liberation / HIV to the redevelopment of my local community centre into a knee's up performance space to a national tour of Hamburger Queen to a international tour of work made with my Grandad! 

Invites have been sent out to potential trustees, a Scottee inc. bank account is now open, we're about to draw up a 5 year business plan and we are getting out act together in becoming a charity.  In short - it's all go dear.

For any of this stuff to happen I do need your help. £5, £50, £500 will make it possible for us to take that first leap into creating a company that will hopefully live longer that its namesake. Whatever you donate you'll be each given a secret film, a digital print and the chance to win my sketch book.

I am asking you to do what you can to spread the word, give what you can afford and come on a bit of a journey with me and a bunch of amazing Mum's from my estate, some regional drag queens, a bunch of fatties and my Grandad.

Artistic Director of Scottee inc. (Fancy!)

Please help spread the word - http://tinyurl.com/worstof

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