Eat Your Heart Out

Back in 2008 when I was angry at burlesque 'dancers' and people who bled I set up Eat Your Heat Out - a performance cabaret collective that put on ramshackle shows in East London pubs and working mens joints. We made work that was anti-Burlesque and anti-University endorsed bleeding.

After a residency at Stratford Circus, two successful Edinburgh runs, a few commissions with The Hospital, a full length dance theatre piece at RVT and transfer to Riverside Studios we took some well deserved time out at the end of 2011, covered in bruises from our show Violence.

Since then every man and his goat is a cabaret aritst putting on work that is asking provocative questions of both the cabaret and variety sector and so I feel its time to evolve.

The start of 2014 will see the launch of EYHO Digital - a web based platform of curated work. Eat Your Heart Out will be the worlds first pixelated performance company only producing work for the internet. An open call for submissions will launch in November this year.

This Monday at 8pm see's the start of our new incarnation - EYHO FM is our new monthly show on Resonance FM. The show is an hour of things that shouldn’t be on the radio - dance, live performance and people from the live art, performance and cabaret scene talking over each other. This month Amy Lamé performs a piece from her upcoming solo show Unhappy Birthday; East End Cabaret play live and give us all the gossip on their recent Oz tour; Theo Adams chooses her performance picks; Figs in Wigs bring dance to the radio; Rachel Porter delivers her Pun in the Oven - and the shows not over til Jayde Adams sings. Tune in at resonancefm.com

Worry not - you will all have a chance to wave EYHO off / shed a tear / raise a glass. We will be presenting our last ever live show The End at Shoreditch Town Hall on 19th and 20th July (on sale early May). If you have any images, video or documentation from any EYHO events we'd love to see it / project it at the last show / archive it. Please WeTransfer or DropBox us whatever you have! Email us!

EYHO Digital will be supported by my new company Scottee inc. and as you may have read we need your support to help make it happen (see http://tinyurl.com/worstof)

I hope you are as excited by Eat Your Heart Out 2.0 as I am. Lets kick the internet into shape!

Follow EYHO on Facebook to be kept in the loop - fb.com/eyholive

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