Burger Queen News

Three years ago on the back of a 24 bus heading into the West End I was day dreaming about a world where fatties were celebrated. That day dream became Burger Queen! Fast forward to November 2012 and with two contests under our belt we are wanting to expand!

We want our third contest to be bigger, better and even fattier than before - we have some real treats in store including BURGER TRUFFLES from our sponsors Paul A Young, a very special pop up diner each week and Scottee & Amy on a sofa with a box of tissues talking fat not to mention the usual array of 'celebrities', show off's and bizarre cookery from the contestants!

We've never made a dollar from this show - its done for love BUT we'd like to document it this year on a fancy camera, raise the production and deliver a big finale gala knees up!

We need your help! Give what you can, do what you must.

Chub Love. X

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