A little known show biz fact is that I am a vegetarian. I have been on and off all my life, being fed braised steak at the age of 18 months and an Irish diet of meat and veg with every meal until the age of 16 was enough to push me over the edge.

Beneath the goats cheese tarts and quorn sausages I've turned into what my freinds affectionately call an 'annoying vegetarian' - the idea of now eating meat feels me with dread and the smell is enough to make me leave the room.

Sorry to be all Morrissey but meat isn't my bag, knock yourself out and eat as much bacon as you like but I'll have my concerned, wincing face on as you do it.

So I was really pleased to be offered to be a part in Lush's new #animalperson campaign to raise awareness about animal testing as well as help find a 'cure' to cosmetic testing on animals through science. I think I make a sexy guinea pig.

More info here - http://www.lushprize.org/

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