May 17th will never be the same again

I hate being called 'a gay' my apprentice (yes I am that superficial/cutting egde) asked me why I have such a problem with it, I told him I couldn't afford to be 'gay' (profound), being 'a gay' or even worse being one of 'the gays' is a lifestyle choice that comes with obligatory lunches at Balans, a small dog, some tribal tattoos / random lines half way up your arm, a Toni & Guy appointment card and a drug dealer who is also your reiki master - none of which I can afford but most importantly does not appeal. I don't feel my sexuality determines who I socialise with, how I dress, how I must act, my opinon on women (or their genitals) but most interestingly who I sleep with. I have no sense of 'community' or bond with homosexuals of this nature and doubt I ever will - does this make me 'a homophobe'?

Today is apparently 'International Homophobia Day' I only became aware of this great landmark in gay political and social history because of a solitary poster in the window of an arts space in Manchester and of course it's accompanied by the symbol of free expression/oppression/nearest gay bar - the rainbow flag. Once online I found a plethora of tweeters lending 140 characters to end homophobia which I'm sure will send a strong message to the cunts that killed four Iranian men this week because of their perceived sexuality.

Instead of signing an online petition from your comfy couch in Chester get out into the real world and volunteer for a queer charity, talk to real human beings or attempt to be just a little more proactive about homophobia before you waste a precious status update. If you want to live in a world where you can walk down the road holding your partners hand or want to snog your new shag in public then live in that world, hold your partners hand, snog away and don't think you need 17th May, a rainbow or a tweet to help you to do so.

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